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How quick can turnaround be?

This is impossible to answer. No job is the same as another. Some jobs might take 1 hour, others 1 year. We can give you an estimate of the turnaround time once the job is explained to us. We will work expeditiously but not hastily. If we can help a client meet an urgent deadline by working late one night, we will do it. But, we cannot do a 2-week job in 4 hours. We will work hard, but we are merely human, just like you. Because of our experience, we will do many jobs faster than others would. Try us, and you will see for yourself.

What about deadlines?

We do our work carefully and thoughtfully, but as expeditiously as possible. We also try to schedule our myriad projects so that they dovetail and each client's needs are met, shifting and adjusting to produce the greatest overall utility of satisfaction, in the spirit of John Stuart Mill's philosophy. Nonetheless, occasionally a client may need a job done urgently, and we will try to fulfill this desire. If it means working late one day, or working on a weekend, we will do it. If we are unable to meet a client's deadline without inconvenience to ourselves or another client, we might still be able to get the work done on the client's schedule, but an extra charge for "rushed work" will be imposed.

Will we work over the weekend?

For established clients, for intriguing projects, and for works of critical community needs, we will work on the weekends to help our clients meet personal, business, or regulatory deadlines. New clients with urgent demands are often charged an extra fee, or referred to someone else.

What are our rates?

Apex Persuasion is a legal services consulting firm providing specialized support to other law firms and litigation teams. Because we have experienced, licensed attorneys on staff, our fees are consistent with other metropolitan law firms. However, we have a two-tiered rate structure because some of the work we do is business consulting, writing, and training. When we are not working on a trial or serving within a lawyer-client relationship, we consider ourselves top-notch business communication and training consultants. For this work, we charge a lower consulting rate than the fees for our legal services. Overall, we offer flexible rates, adjusted to the specific job, to ensure that excellent work is provided in exchange for our clients' financial commitment.

Special rates are offered to individuals, non-profit organizations, and other clients without adequate means to pay full rates. Talk to us about your particular situation, and occasionally we will do a project on a special, fixed-fee basis, or even take something on pro bono publicum as inspired by our pursuit of community service and the ongoing process of repairing the world.

Do we consider project-based fees?

We charge by the hour, but occasionally a project will be accepted on a fixed-fee basis. Please inquire and explain your project. It never hurts to ask.

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