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Providing employee training in business communication
... since 1987

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Apex Persuasion offers specialized communication and litigation support, as well as customized training in business communication. We make complex clear.

We write, edit, and design documents and other materials for your business, litigation, and training needs. This threefold offering of services is based on a common foundation of principles and strategies:

For your communication needs...

We have broad experience in the numerous genres of business communication associated with development and marketing, public relations, contract reporting, staff training, project documentation, and general industry-related communication.

We have experience in specialty writing for scientific and industry journals, and we can write proposals for grants and contract acquisition.

We can prepare materials for employees: training manuals, standard operating procedures, and newsletters.

We can prepare materials for the public: brochures, surveys, and press releases

We can prepare materials for you to submit to your clients: progress and technical reports, contract deliverables, and final project reports

We can prepare materials for you to submit to financiers, banks, loan/funding agencies, and sponsors: business plans, long-range plans, vision reports, proposals, and sales/marketing outlook reports

These are some areas of business where we are particularly strong: environmental and civil engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical processing, design and manufacturing, audits and testing, finance and asset management, property management, construction, and general contracting for goods and services.

For your litigation needs...

We are expert in strategic development of litigation materials in all genres and media to produce effective courtroom-ready displays. We can tell your story, and we can present your data. We know the law, and we can help you develop and present your best theory of the case.

We can analyze the facts, sift through the data and documents, and assemble an accurate and complete analysis of the evidence. With a logical and persuasive case theory in hand, we can develop effective courtroom presentation materials.

We can design charts, tables, diagrams, posters, computer/video shows, slideshows, and flipcharts to ensure that laypersons and experts alike understand the point.

We can also write and edit written testimony for trial.

The bottom line: the jury members will get the message quickly and accurately.

For your training needs...

We have been developing and presenting educational courses for over 20 years. We can design and deliver courses intended for either packed lecture halls or small, intimate conference rooms. We specialize in hands-on activities and teacher-prompted exercises in business communication of all types, including technical and scientific documents, oral presentations, posters, and PowerPoint slideshows. If you want your employees to improve their writing and speaking skills, we can tailor a course to the precise job-based, communication assignments they will face. Our goal is to introduce and reinforce the communication skills that foster effective and efficient project execution and interpersonal relations.