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Apex Persuasion strives to provide the services requested by our clients, for a fair price and on schedule. We do not close a project until our contribution is complete. We finish the work in a timely manner. Our approach is to listen, clarify, and plan... before we launch into a project, to ensure we understand your goals exactly. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ needs, converting those needs into realistic deliverables, and presenting those deliverables in ready-to-use formats. As for our rates, we charge primarily for our expertise, manifested in an expeditious, capable, and careful manner. Overhead and extra charges are minimized. As a result of our commitment to fairness, efficiency, excellence, and integrity, our clients are uniformly very pleased with our work and the long-term relationships we have formed, as evinced in the testimonials below from contacts in both the private and public sectors.

Testimonial #1

As a graphic designer working on marketing materials and publications for an engineering research center, I have often needed Jack Fishstrom's assistance over a period of several years to edit the articles in our widely distributed newsletter. He has always been very professional and thorough in his approach. He would not only mark up these technical engineering articles, often rewriting them for better clarity and greatly improving the article, but would then bring the articles back to me and explain every edit, so I understood why he revised something, which helped me greatly. He was always very efficient and was quick to get the edits back to me, to help me with meeting my deadlines. His cordial and friendly demeanor made him very pleasant to work with. My supervisor and I both agree that Jack helped make our publication more polished with his expertise, making our Centers' publication appear more professional.

Rose A.

Graphic Designer

University Engineering Research Center

Testimonial #2

Jack Fishstrom understands that the law is much more than a process that can be reduced to charts and graphs, or a binary language of yes and no decisions. He brings his marvelous writing; his conversation; and his depth, reflection, and experience to his practice of our law. Indeed, for all assignments, he draws upon his skills as a filmmaker, writer, and student of human nature to reach satisfactory results based on his solid understanding of the law. I have seen him turn an adversary into a partner more than once. Best of all, he tackles every project thrown his way with enthusiasm.



Public Agency

Testimonial #3

Jack Fishstrom has been coming to our corporation for 15-plus years to share technical writing skills with our employees. Jack prepared our employees to take their technical skills and translate them into well-written documents that we could use for further research. This was not as easy as it sounds. Jack has the knowledge and is able to communicate that knowledge with employees of all ages. He arrives early, works through lunch, and stays long after training sessions to work with every single student.

I do believe the students valued his teaching and many requested that Jack return with a training session "on the next higher level." We found that more documents were written and our employees had the self-confidence to compose and get them completed in a timely manner after Jack's presentations. Moreover, Jack easily fits in with the corporate culture, working with both the employee/students in his classes, and the upper management directors, who make the decisions. I would highly recommend Jack Fishstrom as a person who can help you achieve your business goals.

Shirley L.

Corporate Learning Manager

Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Testimonial #4

Several years ago Jack Fishstrom helped me design and write several professional documents. Throughout the project, he made every effort to understand my objectives and translate those objectives into functional and effective written materials. He also offered choices for me that allowed me to reflect more of my personal style into the documents. His work was done on time, and within the budget I had allotted, consistent with the rates he presented at the outset. Although I have not used his services recently, Jack has kept in touch with me such that we maintain a personal and friendly relationship. That foundation has allowed us the flexibility to pick up where we left off for future projects. When preparing for trial, I would not hesitate to call upon Apex Persuasion PLLC, to assist with the strategy, design, and review of the case to allow me to enter the courtroom well prepared.

Jennifer L.


Medical Malpractice