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Apex Persuasion offers expert consultants who are jointly members of the faculty of the University of Michigan. Jack Fishstrom has been teaching at the university since 1993. In his classes, he instructs both undergraduates and graduate students in the advanced techniques of writing for science, engineering, and business. He covers the following types of business reports, to name some of the genres: engineering reports, scientific articles, progress and status reports, white papers, design reports, proposals, final reports, instructions and standard operating procedures, nonfiction articles for magazines and newsletters, posters, PowerPoint-type slide shows, and both informal correspondence including emails and formal letters to clients, regulators, and sponsors.

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Apex Persuasion offers a unique combination of business communication expertise with knowledge of the law. This synergistic, strategic nexus allows us to work closely with litigation teams and trial attorneys who need assistance in developing the optimized suite of materials to present in the courtroom. From written testimony to computer animations, and every medium in between, Apex Persuasion can create effective, cogent, concise, accurate, and persuasive presentation materials and displays that will present the complex in a clear and simple manner. This will enhance persuasiveness of a trial team’s case. Whether you want a poster, a chart, or PowerPoint slideshow, we can develop it, and we can suggest other media that you may have not yet considered. From written testimony to multi-media, we can write, design, refine, and polish your presentation.

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While Apex Persuasion can handle your business communication needs, whether large or small, we can also develop and deliver customized training packages so that your staff of engineers, scientists, analysts, salespersons, researchers, consultants, and other professionals can improve their own writing and public speaking skills. If your employees are expected to write technical reports, or prepare progress reports, or develop proposals or project management plans, we can help. If they must make presentations, by voice alone, or with complementary materials such as posters or PowerPoint slideshows, we can help. In short, we can train your employees to be better communicators.

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