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Communication Skills Training

We can teach your employees the concepts and techniques that we have been developing and honing at the University of Michigan for nearly 20 years. We can tailor the training to any topic within written and oral communication, from basic grammar, to diction and syntax, to paragraph construction, all the way to the “holy grail” of effective communication: structure and organization. Courses can be scheduled in half-day, full-day, or multi-day units, to suit your needs. Classes can combine (mix and match) different modules and topics that you deem critical.

Very naturally, classes incorporate practice exercises and feedback, so that participants can immediately gauge their progress and identify areas requiring more effort. For example, during public speaking training, participants will be expected to prepare extemporaneous talks and deliver them to the class. Similarly, during written communication classes, participants will be expected to practice outlining, writing, and revision.

Focus of each course is based on client preferences: For example, classes can focus on different genres: progress/status reports, final reports, business letters, and posters. Or, alternatively, classes can focus on techniques: grammar, diction, and syntax. Lastly, classes can focus on sub-topics such as data tables, quantitative plots, and diagrams. Any variety of the above topics can be mixed and matched to meet your particular desires.

As a list, the following is a sample of course topics that Apex Persuasion can bring to your location for the purpose of staff professional development:

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