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Creative and Clear Litigation Solutions

We are experts at legal communication. This derives from our years as scholars in the field of communication while holding faculty positions at the University of Michigan. We have at our fingertips all the latest scholarship—concepts, techniques, and theories—for presenting data, findings, and conclusions in tables and graphs, visual images, bullet phrases, and paragraph forms. We leverage this scholarship to help our clients develop and present the most effective, strategic litigation materials.

In addition to crafting strategic litigation materials, our support to you can begin much earlier in the process of case preparation. Because we have experience with litigation dating back to 1987, we understand discovery, analysis, and argument. We can help develop a discovery plan and subsequently assist in analyzing the documents and other materials obtained. We can look at the data, documents, and written evidence and identify trends, key findings, and conclusions. We can identify holes in the case and attempt to identify gap fillers and other information that can produce a complete theory of the case, with the requisite supporting evidence per the elements of the law. Finally, our understanding of audience-centered communication allows us to provide expert jury analysis and strategizing, followed by material preparation tailored to the jury’s needs for information in the right form, order, and style. Brevity is always foremost in our minds, but we never sacrifice accuracy and impact.

In summary, whether we start or end with jury analysis, our litigation support comes down to the same simple essence: we can find the information you need to present your case clearly to the jury, and we can prepare the materials that will allow you to present that case in the most elegant, concise, and effective manner. As a list, here is a sample of the very specialized services we provide to trial attorneys and litigation teams:

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