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Communication . . .

If your project begs for a particular specialist, we might be able to provide that special expert by drawing upon one of our associated team members specializing in various business and professional communication tasks.

Associated firms for communications support:
Milwrite Communications

Litigation . . .

Sometimes you might want us to do more than prepare, review, and improve your litigation materials. If you prefer that we assist with voir dire or discovery, or in any other way take over a significant portion of your litigation responsibilities, perhaps sharing the effort with you and providing additional resources, we can gladly step up our efforts to accommodate your particular needs. In such cases, we might turn to one of our associated team members for greater staffing abilities.

Associated firms for litigation support:
Paul Callam Associates, PLC
Witt and Associates, Attorneys at Law
Michael G. Milliman, LL.M., PLC

Training . . .

We specialize in developing and delivering on-site, person-to-person training courses that cover the spectrum of business communication skills. This approach has been proven to be both cost-effective and highly conducive to message retention and recall. That is, one training expert can provide a course for dozens of employees all at the same time, where the reinforcement of the new material is maximized with in-person explanations, hands-on practice and activities, and clarification through question and answer sessions. We can expand our offerings to include webinars, web-based training modules, and other remote-site teaching, however, by teaming with one of our associated team members.

Associated firms for training support:
Pauline Khan and Associates